VIDEO: Julia Hartley Brewer savages plans for buildings to fly flags for 'asexuals and aromantics'

TalkTV's Julia Hartley Brewer has accused the Wales government of "weird, narcissistic, self-obsessed behaviour" for ordering public buildings to fly Pride flags for "asexual and aromantic" people.

The party’s LGBTQ+ action plan calls for “appropriate flags for underrepresented communities” to be raised in government, council and NHS buildings.

Asexual people experience little to no sexual attraction to others. Aromantics experience little or no romantic attraction, but are able to enjoy sexual relationships.

Julia claimed that asexual and aromantic people do not face any discrimination, and their demands to be included on the Pride flag are unnecessary.

"This weird, narcissistic, self-obsessed strange behaviour," she said, adding that aromantic people would have previously just been considered "blokes down the pub" who wanted to have sex with people with no ensuing romantic relationship.

She said: "Aromantic and asexual is not a thing! They're just ordinary people who may not fancy someone. It's meaningless and makes a mockery of what is important, which is gay rights."

Journalist and transwoman Debbie Hayton said: "It beggars belief you need to raise flags for these people. Gay people seem to have been forgotten in this, they've been pushed out of their own community, their own Pride organisations.

"It's not about gay people anymore. It's straight people who want to parade something."

Secretary of State for Wales, David TC Davies, accused the Welsh government of "prioritising woke virtue signalling over reducing the UK’s worst waiting lists."