Brexit: Femi gets irate during fierce clash over second referendum

A fiery TalkTV debate over Brexit broke out between the Femi Oluwole and Ben Harris Quinney, Brexiteer and Chairman of the Bow group.

The exchange came after a YouGov poll found that 46% of people in the UK want another referendum.

TalkTV's Ian Collins was forced to intervene as Femi became increasingly irate as the debate progressed.

Femi said: “Every poll since 2018 shows the majority of the people in the UK believe Brexit is a mistake. The only thing that is stopping us now is the politicians.

"I live in an economy where were food is 6% more expensive, where half of businesses find it harder to sell to the EU, where the NHS has been damaged.

"Brexit has severely damaged every sector of the economy - we now have a smaller job market."

Mr Harris Quinney rebutted Mr Oluwole’s claims, claiming the referendum was the most democratic exercise in British history and the terms of Brexit were clear to the electorate

He said: "I don't think anyone seriously disputes the democratic process that took place, not least because a referendum is the most absolutely democratic thing you could possibly have. Your argument doesn't make any sense."

TalkTV’s Collins sided with Mr Harris Quinney, questioning Femi's assertion that voters were ill informed when deciding to leave the EU.

He said: "If anybody wanted further detail, interpretations of treaties, laws and diktats. It was there to look for."