Met under fire for protecting ‘one of their own’ as serial rapist ex-Pc jailed

Julia Hartley-Brewer has asked if it is possible to trust any institutions in the UK, following the conviction of another Met Police officer for rape in the same week NHS nurse Lucy Letby was given a whole-life order for murdering seven babies.

Julia's question comes as the Metropolitan Police have come under fire for protecting “one of their own”, after former officer Adam Provan was jailed for 16 years this week for a series of rapes.

Provan’s predatory behaviour dated back to the 1990s, and went unchecked until Lauren Taylor came forward in 2016 to report she had been twice raped by him when she was 16.

Lauren Taylor, who has waived her right to anonymity

Ms Taylor’s report came 11 years after a female police officer had complained she was stalked and harassed by Provan, which resulted in words of warning.

In 2019 the officer reported to the police that he had also raped her six times between 2003 to 2005.

Following a trial at Wood Green Crown Court, Provan, 44, from Newmarket in Suffolk, was found guilty of a total of eight rapes against the two women and jailed for 16 years with a further eight years on extended licence.

Julia said: "Yet again, there were warnings that he was a wrongun. And yet, senior officers and his colleagues decided to not prosecute him. Even when he was harassing one of their female colleagues!

"Bosses would rather protect their reputations, they would rather protect the reputation of their institutions."

At Provan's sentencing on Tuesday, Judge Noel Lucas KC told the defendant: “I find it highly troubling that (the female officer’s) colleagues in the Metropolitan Police in 2004/05 were more concerned about looking out for ‘one of their own’ than in taking her seriously and investigating her complaints about you.

“Had they done so, it may be that Ms Taylor would have been spared the ordeal she has had to go through.”

Scotland Yard announced a review of Provan’s full history while at the force and before he joined, to see whether action could have been taken sooner.

The force also said it was working to identify any more potential victims and encouraged anyone with information to come forward.

Julia linked the Met's alleged cover-up of Provan's behaviour to NHS bosses failing to sound the alarm on Lucy Letby's handling of premature babies on her neonatal ward, despite several 'unexplained' deaths and collapses of babies in her care.

"After the NHS acted to protect a baby killer in Lucy Letby, in refusing to take any action, refusing to investigate - and yet another Metropolitan Police officer is convicted of rape.

"Are there any institutions that you still trust in this country?", she asked.