Is Sadiq Khan using ULEZ to plug a financial black hole?

In the wake of new research questioning the benefits of the scheme, Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion has been accused of being "all about money".

TalkTV’s Jeremy Kyle was joined by Rebecca Hudson, Nick DuBois and Tory MP Steve Tuckwell to debate a study by Imperial College exposing the limitations of the expansion.

The study suggested the scheme only reduced nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere by a negligible 3% according to reports.

Mr Tuckwell claimed the unpopularity of the expanded scheme was behind his recent victory at the Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election.

"I wasn't expected to win this byelection, " he said. "Far from it. The pollsters and the pundits had me firmly as the underdog.

“The voices of residents of Uxbridge and South Ruislip came through loud and clear. They turned that by-election into a referendum on ULEZ.”

The Tory MP went on to paint a picture of a panicked Labour party scrambling to deal with the electoral ramifications of the expansion.

He remarked: “Labour is in absolute chaos. We've got Kier Starmer who is flip-flopping on ULEZ all over the place. He's at complete odds with his Labour Mayor on the expansion.

“Many businesses have told me they're going to have to stop trading as a result of ULEZ. It is going to have impacts across the whole of outer London.”

Nick de Bois said: “It is all about money.

“Why are they collecting money? Khan effectively took policy decisions in 2016 that left a black hole in Transport for London. The money motivates Sadiq Khan.”

Ms Hudson, a supporter of the ULEZ expansion, emphasised the need for the scheme whilst calling on the government to support families that would be hit the hardest financially.

She argued: “The two cannot be mutually exclusive. We need to preserve our planet and improve our air quality because the people who are affected by it most are our poorest and most vulnerable.

“We need to have in place a system where people who cannot afford to pay the ULEZ fine have the ability to do it.”

Sadiq Khan was accused earlier this week of ignoring the science on the ULEZ expansion when leaked emails revealed his deputy, Shirley Rodrigues, asked air quality experts to counter research questioning the benefits of the scheme.