Prince Harry labelled a 'fraud' after new photos show him with full head of hair

TalkTV’s Mike Graham has labelled Prince Harry a "fraud" as suspicious promotional pictures have surfaced of the prince with darker, fuller hair.

The snaps were taken to publicise Harry’s new job as Chief Impact Officer of Californian coaching company BetterUp.

Mike told the panel: “There's another reason why we should never welcome Harry back to this country. Look at his hair. His hair has suddenly got darker and thicker. He looks like Russell Quirk.

“Different colour, different style, different shape - the guy's a fraud!”

Fellow guest Esther Krakue chimed in, seeming something supernatural in the Prince’s new look.

She joked: “He looks like a vampire from Twilight.”

According to their website, BetterUp is a ‘human transformation platform’ which helps ‘organisations build a happier, healthier, more resilient, and more productive workforce’.

It is reported that Harry will earn up to 7 figures per annum working for the company.

After the panel suggested the Duke's new locks would have been edited by the photographer, not Harry himself, Mike said: “He only ever does what he wants to do. He doesn’t give anybody permission to tell him no.”

However, Mike was forced to concede that he has used similar hair thickening products: “I am telling you that stuff doesn’t work because I have used it", he admitted.

The new photographs of Harry have surfaced following news that proposed peace talks with his father, King Charles had been cancelled.

Reacting to this, TalkTV’s JJ Anisiobi said: “I don't think people are that bothered whether Charles forgives him or not. Plenty of families have fall-outs and never speak again.”

The meeting was intended to be scheduled for the end of Harry’s Invictus Games trip to Germany.

It is alleged that Harry is yet talk to his father about the accusations made towards the family in bestselling book Spare.