Eliza Rose Watson: OnlyFans model defends 'pornographic' billboards

An OnlyFans Model has sparked controversy after billboard adverts for her site were cleared by the advertising standards watchdog.

Eliza Rose Watson paid around £18,000 for six boards, four in London and two in New York, depicting her scantily-clad next to her Instagram and OnlyFans logos.

The Advertising Standards Authority cleared the boards for use but there were dozens of complaints from people living near the billboards and some of the images are positioned just 450 metres from a school.

In an interview with TalkTV’s Rosanna Lockwood, Ms Watson faced stark criticism about the ads from political commentator Lauren Chen.

The billboard featuring Eliza Rose Watson from OnlyFans

Ms Chen asked: “Is it appropriate? Is it okay to advertise pornography in places where children can see it? In my opinion, the answer is clearly no.

“Regardless of what the overall watchdog ruling is, that doesn't mean that you as a business owner need to keep the billboards up. The most controversial ones are near a school.

“There are other ways to advertise that don’t expose children to pornography or the concept of young girls and boys selling their bodies, and the idea women are commodities.

“Even if you insist on having an OnlyFans account, that would draw a lot less fire from parents.”

Ms Watson argued she was not the only person to advertise using the OnlyFans while drawing comparisons with advertising alcohol.

Ms Watson said: “I think my intention behind the ads was to do exactly this, to start a discussion.

“I think that's been achieved. I will point out that I'm not the first person to put an only fans logo on an advert, there are boxers and Formula One drivers that have the only fans logo in exactly the same way on their clothing.

“I think the issue here is people are putting two and two together with a woman in the logo.”