Paris says goodbye to rental e-scooters ahead of 31 Aug ban

Paris is saying its last goodbye to e-scooters, with operators clearing them off the streets ahead of its complete ban on August 31.

Tourists hoping to roam the City of Light's paved streets on a rented e-scooter only have a week left to do so, before the electric vehicles are forever banned from the city.

The ban follows a referendum held by the city of Paris on April 2, when 89% of voters rejected rented e-scooters in the streets of the capital.

The e-scooter ban won 89% of the votes according to the city hall Twitter account in what was billed as a rare "public consultation" that prompted long queues at ballot boxes around the city. However turnout in the referendum was low at 7.46% of registered voters.

In 2021, 24 people died in scooter-related accidents in France, including one in Paris. Last year, Paris registered 459 accidents with e-scooters and similar vehicles, including three fatal ones.

Tier, one of the operators, has been removing 400 scooters per day over the last two weeks. The German company says it will offer electric bicycles instead, with 5000 vehicles available after August 31.