Enforcement camera vandalised with ‘no Ulez’ sign in Greater London

A woman who stumbled across a damaged ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) camera covered with an orange “no Ulez” sign in Harefield in Greater London said the Ulez charge is “too harsh”.

AJ Simpson, 36, from Wimbleton, told the PA news agency that she was returning from a day’s work as a children’s entertainer on Monday when she saw the downed Ulez camera.

Ms Simpson said: “I was just going down the road and I noticed it was on the floor, but there was a bit too much traffic on that particular road and so I just turned around and came back again and took a photo of it.”

She posted the photo to Facebook with the caption: “Someone really didn’t want the ULEZ camera in Harefield.”

She said she was “amused” by the sight because “normally, people just cut the cameras off completely but this one had been given a mask basically.

“They’ve covered the top of the head of the camera and they’ve chopped it down completely and I’m thinking, ‘wow, this is something isn’t it’.

“This was in the middle of nowhere. There’s a truckage yard really close to there so I feel sorry for that guy who owns it.”

Anti-Ulez vigilantes have repeatedly targeted enforcement cameras in recent months and protesters have taken to the streets to voice their opposition to the Ulez zone, which was expanded to London’s outer boroughs on Tuesday.

Drivers travelling in the zone in a vehicle that does not meet minimum emissions standards are required to pay a £12.50 daily fee or risk a £180 fine, which is reduced to £90 if paid within 14 days.

Picture showing a damaged ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) camera lying on the road

Footage has circulated on social media showing people described as Blade Runners cutting the cameras’ wires or removing the devices.

The Metropolitan Police said it had recorded 288 crimes relating to the cameras as of August 1.

TalkTV's Julia Hartley-Brewer spoke to the campaign director of the Blade Runners, known as Captain Gatso, about what his team have been doing.

He said: "This [Ulez] is fairly London-centric, but it is spreading like a cancer across the UK.

"Where are the Tories on this? They're keeping very quiet about it, but next year they'll say they will bring in rules and regulations in to stop it - which will be a vote winner in their eyes.

"When you are under constant attack from this Government, you have to take defensive offensive action. They're not standing up for us, they're all liars."