'Instead of practising their twerking, cops should try solving some crimes!'

The Metropolitan Police Chief is taking a stand against "woke" behaviour among officers after a rise in police undertaking political gestures.

Sir Mark Rowley, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has said it is essential the Met should be impartial and not align themselves to any specific causes.

This comes amidst criticism of officers taking the knee, flying rainbow flags, wearing badges for environmental causes and dancing.

In a TalkTV panel show, TalkTV’s Ian Collins slammed police officers who get involved in politics at all.

Ian argued: “Instead of practising their twerking for the next rally these politically correct cops could actually, I don't know, solve some crime.

“I guess it all kind of came from a place where the police think we've got a terrible reputation, we've got to somehow address that with some parts of the community.

“But it's provided the worst possible optics and photo ops. I hate to see this kind of stuff. And I also know by the way, that the average copper hates to see this kind of stuff.”

Sir Rowley has also said it is “perfectly proper” for officers to wear the remembrance poppy, Help for Heroes wristbands and the police memorial badge.

He went on to argue that he is “fairly narrow-minded” on the issue of police taking part in protests, and added that there are “very few causes policing should be attached to” in a bid to stay completely impartial.

Journalist Afua Hagan argued that police have been involved with such issues as a way of integrating themselves into communities where their reputation is damaged.

Ms Hagan said: “The police do need to do more to reach out to more communities because especially in the Met Police, they do have a terrible reputation by the people.

“They have a terrible relationship with lots of different communities. You either remain neutral or the police can choose what they support.

“The police do need to ingratiate themselves better with more communities, but either they don't support anything, so don't support black lives matter, don't take the knee, don't wear rubber bands, don't do any of it but also don't wear poppies and don't support Help for Heroes.”