Watch: Incredible moment as cow is rescued from sinkhole

Incredible footage has emerged of a rescue team pulling a cow out of a sinkhole after falling in it.

Farmers raced to relieve the bullock after its whole body became submerged within the sinkhole in Castle Country Park in Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

The park posted the video of the rescue onto their Facebook page, writing: "Witton Castle comes to the rescue with local farmer! The Bullock fell into some sort of sinkhole which nobody knew about but is now absolutely fine in the field with his pals."

In the video, four men use a tractor and a winch to bring the cow to safety.

Pulling the bullock up very slowly by straps attached to its lower legs, its rear end slowly becomes visible, before the whole body emerges.

The cow appears dazed and bewildered but unharmed when it is pulled out.

The beast then manages to get to its feet and make a few unsteady steps, before going over to the rest of the herd, who greet him with a friendly sniff. 

A tractor driver can be heard triumphantly declaring: "and that's how you pull it out!"