'It's really not about me, it's about women in general', Ava-Santina Evans on Laurence Fox and Dan Wottoon suspensions

Monday 2 October 2023

Suspended GB News host Laurence Fox is 'not worth giving any oxygen', journalist Ava-Santina Evans tells this morning's TalkToday.

Speaking to TalkToday's Jeremy Kyle, Ms Evans spoke on last week's controversy at GB News which saw hosts Dan Wootton and Laurence Fox suspended.

The pair were suspended by the broadcaster after remarks made by Mr Fox about the female journalist.

The actor-turned-politician is currently undergoing a disciplinary hearing following the comments which included asking host Wottoon, “who would want to shag that?"

The comments were broadcast on last Tuesday's episode of GB News' show, Dan Wootton Tonight.

Ms Evans reflected: "I really have little to say about it, mostly because I don't think that Fox is worth giving any oxygen.

"It's really not about me, it's about women in general. I just think about how we're speaking about women on broadcasts. I think most people know that it is not acceptable."

Following the action taken against Mr Fox and Mr Wottoon, fellow GB News presenter Calvin Robinson took to X, formerly Twitter, to announce he too had been suspended allegedly for defending his colleagues.

Mr Fox and Mr Wootton have since issued apologises to the political correspondent.

Regulator Ofcom confirmed it received a near record 7,300 complaints after the episode aired.

Jeremy praised Ms Santina-Evans for her handling of the situation and described how the controversy revealed the dangers of lowering broadcasting standards.

Jeremy told Ms Santina-Evans: "I think this is absolutely an example of channels who put commentators, not broadcasters in a position of national power.

"I thought you conducted yourself with real dignity."

GB News boss Angelos Frangopoulos has also apologised for the incident, describing how he was "appalled" by Fox’s remarks.

Mr Frangopoulos added that whilst Mr Fox does usually “sail close to the wind”, his comments last week were "way past the limits of acceptance.”

MailOnline announced on Thursday that it had terminated its contract with Mr Wootton, who was a columnist for the site.

In a video apology released on Friday, Mr Fox explained he made the disparaging remarks in response to comments by Ms Evans on a BBC debate about male suicide.

Fox also said he expected to be sacked by GB News on Friday over the incident.

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