Father of murdered toddler James Bulger insists children are "at risk" if son's killer is released

The father of murdered toddler James Bulger has warned “every child is at risk” if his son's killer, Jon Venables, is released from prison.

Ralph Bulger appeared in an emotional interview on TalkTV's new show Talk Today, hosted by Jeremy Kyle and Nicola Thorp, ahead of Mr Venables' parole hearing scheduled for 14 November.

Mr Bulger wept during the interview, describing his son's murderer as "a ticking time bomb”, and bringing Nicola to tears with his description of 30 years of pain since losing James.

He said: “I think you’ve got to do everything you can to try and keep him (Venables) behind bars, because he's been a danger from day one. He’s reoffended. To me, I think he enjoys what he’s doing. He’s a ticking time bomb, just waiting to go off, in my opinion.”

He continued: “Every child in my opinion, is at risk while he's out. They can’t be rehabilitated. They've spent millions on him and that’s their little project that went wrong.

"And its proved to have gone wrong throughout the years, like the ways he’s reoffended. He likes what he does, he likes it. The whole top and bottom of it, he wants to get another kid."

James was just two years old when he was murdered by two ten year old boys in Merseyside in 1993, and Mr Bulger insisted the government keep Mr Venables behind bars.

It represents a potential last chance of release for Mr Venables, who was previously freed with a new identity but has twice been recalled to jail.

During the interview, host Jeremy directly urged Justice Secretary Alex Chalk to keep the killer behind bars.

He said: “We're going to reach out to you, Alex Chalk. I'd like somebody from the government from the justice department, which at best is very, very wrong in this instance, to explain to Talk Today, how it is that somebody who can murder a child in a premeditated way, be released on several occasions only to reoffend.

"Why the father of that victim 30 years on, Mr Chalk, needs to come on a television programme to prove through his sadness and the horror that he's had to deal with, he and his family, so that man should stay behind bars.

"You're the man that controls this. We want to hear from you.”

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