'Is the German public aware of this?' Elon Musk criticises German handling of illegal migration

Monday 2 October 2023

Elon Musk waded into German politics on Friday, sharing the post of another account on his social media platform X that attacked the government's handling of illegal migration.

Posted by account Radio Genoa, the tweet expressed support for election contenders Alternative for Germany (AfD) by criticising the government's funding of rescue missions for migrants travelling across the Mediterranean.

Attached was a video montage depicting a successful mission.

The shared post read: "Let's hope the AfD wins the elections to stop this European suicide."

To his more than 158 million followers, Musk commented: "Is the German public aware of this?"

The debate surrounding illegal immigration has reached fever pitch in Europe's wealthiest nation ahead of their elections on Oct. 8.

Musk, whom Forbes magazine ranks as the world's richest person with a fortune of about $250 billion and is the CEO of electric vehicle maker Tesla and rocket launch company SpaceX, has increasingly injected himself into the issue of immigration.

On Thursday, he paid a visit to the Texas border with Mexico to meet with local politicians and law enforcement.

In a video released explaining the visit, Musk said: "As an immigrant to the United States, I'm extremely pro-immigrant. I believe we need a greatly expanded legal immigration system and that we should let anyone in the country who is hardworking and honest.

"By the same token, we should also not be allowing people in the country if they're breaking the law. That doesn't make sense. The law is there for a reason."

Musk added that he made the trip to the border in order to obtain what he called an "unfiltered" view of the U.S. immigration situation.

Germany's ruling centre-left government confirmed this week that it was financially supporting three German non-governmental organisations that operate in the Mediterranean and regularly bring migrants to Italy.

The German foreign ministry replied to Musk's post, explaining the footage: "It's called saving lives,"

Mounting worries over migration in Germany look set to boost the populist, anti-migrant AfD.

The party is currently second in nationwide polls.

At his visit to the Mexico-U.S. border on Thursday, Musk was pictured wearing a black T-shirt, black cowboy hat and aviator-style sunglasses.

He urged a two-pronged approach to overhauling U.S. immigration laws in a video-selfie posted to X, formerly Twitter, which he purchased last April.

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