"They saved reality TV!" Tim Dillon mocks Harry and Meghan's 'shameful' behaviour

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have "saved reality TV" according to US comedian Tim Dillon.

Speaking to Piers Morgan Uncensored, Mr Dillon slammed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for being out of touch with reality, arguing their "victimhood" was "funny".

The Youtuber and podcast host insisted: "They're my favourites, reality television in America had kind of died down and they brought it back.

"It's very interesting to make a three part documentary on Netflix about how bad things are while living in a castle, I find the lack of self awareness there to be very fun, they simulated some type of car chase in New York City. That didn't really happen.

"They got a big deal at Spotify but didn't make any money and now the articles are coming out that Spotify lost a lot of money, giving them money to do all these things that they never ended up really doing."

Harry and Meghan signed a $20m deal with Spotify for their Archewell company in 2020 to produce podcasts highlighting and elevating diverse perspectives and voices.

However the streaming giant terminated their contract after just one series of the duchess’s podcast, Archetypes, which consisted of 12 episodes. They reportedly discussed a second series with Spotify, but it was axed.

Mr Dillon highlighted his consternation at the couple insisting on portraying themselves as victims, saying their behaviour was "shameful".

He joked: "Victimhood makes me laugh, I think living in a castle being part of a royal family would make you not a victim!

"To me, to portray yourself as somebody who's having a rough go of it whilst living in a castle with royal protection, and then leaving and flying to America to stay in a home of a big celebrity, they make me laugh.

"I like them, I hope they don't go away, I hope they keep doing this, I hope they keep behaving shamefully.

"It's great for the tabloids, it's great for us, keep simulating car chases, simulate terrorist attacks, whatever they want to do that keeps him in the news. I'm all for it."

Harry is coming off the back of a successful Invictus Games, with his Netflix documentary Heart Of Invictus receiving positive reviews.

However the couple still remain outside the British royal family, having ostracised themselves from the fold when moving to the US.

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