Dog saved by Ukrainian fire service after inhaling smoke and collapsing

3 Tuesday October 2023

A dog was dramatically resuscitated by Ukrainian fire service personnel after inhaling smoke from a burning building and collapsing.

According to local officials, a fire had broken out in an apartment complex in the city of Rivne in west Ukraine.

The city is situated in a region that has suffered extensive bombing during the war with Russia, however the cause of this particular fire is unknown.

Ukraine’s State Emergency Service (SES) said the dog was rescued with the help of a special breathing apparatus that pushed compressed air into its lungs.

In what could have potentially been harrowing footage three firefighters can be seen hosing down the body of the dog and forcing its mouth onto the breathing apparatus.

While the dog is prostrate on the ground during resuscitation, the video soon cuts to the animal sitting upright with a blanket over its back.

After the event the SES stated: “Every life is important!”

The fire was extinguished quickly with minimal damage to the building, the rescue service added.

This is not the first time animals have been caught up in the ensuing war, as a Ukrainian soldier was praised online and by government officials during the summer, after a video went viral of him rescuing a drowning dog.

The soldier, who has not been named publicly, used a pink inflatable donut to help keep himself buoyant as he swam to reach the animal, struggling in the floodwaters caused by an explosion.

Indeed back when the conflict first started, Ukrainian zookeepers announced they may have to put down all their large animals after its enclosures were destroyed by Russian shelling.

And in November last year, Russian troops were accused of looting animals—including a raccoon and a llama—from a Ukrainian zoo.

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