Israeli girl recounts the moment she discovered Hamas fighters executed her grandmother when they posted video to her Facebook page

Tuesday, 10th October 2023

    An Israeli girl's heart is “shattered to pieces” after Hamas fighters published video of her slain grandmother on Facebook.

    Mor Bayder sobbed as she recounted the moment her family realised Hamas militants had broken into the elderly woman's home and used her phone to post the images and video on her Facebook wall.

    Through tears, Ms Bayder described the distressing moment her aunt called her mother in a panic after seeing the video.

    Her mother could not log into the site because she was trembling so much, so Ms Bayder opened the app on her phone and saw "the worst thing you could possibly imagine".

    She said: "My aunt called my mother frantically, saying 'open Facebook, open Facebook'. My grandma on the floor in her house, being murdered in a video, the entire floor covered in blood.

    "The terrorist filmed her and uploaded it to her private Facebook wall. That's how we found out, that's how we learned about it.

    "We screamed at the top of our lungs. Everyone here just lost it. We screamed, it is the most horrible thing you could ever imagine. It won't leave us for the rest of our lives."

    Photo on Facebook of Mor Bayder with her grandmother, Braha Levinson after she was killed by Hamas

    Ms Bayder posted a tribute to her grandmother on her own Facebook account and said her grandmother was "The pillar of my life, in my family's life, the purest thing in the world, the light of my life, my whole world.

    "Those who know me know what she is to me, what a connection we had, what a person she is, pure and good. I love you and you know it, in every room of my heart, in every particle of my body.

    Her grandmother, Braha Levinson lived in Nir Oz, a kibbutz in southern Israel, for all of her life before she was killed on Sunday.

    Mor Bayder held as a baby by her grandmother who was murdered by Hamas militants.

    She is one of and estimated 900 Israelis killed since Hamas militants launched its surprise attack on Israel on Saturday, the broadest invasion on Israeli territory in 50 years.

    Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls the Gaza Strip aims to end Israeli occupation in Palestine and establish an Islamic state, is designated as a foreign terrorist group by the UK and the US.

    Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu told his people to brace for a "long and difficulty war" and vowed Hamas would "pay a price it has never known".

    A fireball erupts from an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City. Credit: Getty

    Among the Israeli dead were 260 mostly young people gunned down at a desert music festival, where some of the hostages were abducted.

    Israel has retaliated with airstrikes and has called up an unprecedented 300,000 reservists while imposing a blockade on the Gaza Strip, raising fears it planned a ground assault.

    Hamas said it would execute an Israeli captive for every civilian house bombed without warning and will not negotiate over hostages "under fire".