Keir Starmer pledges to 'unleash the big build' in Britain promising 1.5 million new homes

Unveiling plans to invest in a new-look UK with a infrastructure heavy policy platform, the Labour leader vowed to stoke the 'fire of change.'

Sir Keir Starmer used his speech at what could be Labour’s final conference before a general election to announce his intention to “bulldoze” his way through planning restrictions to build a new Britain.

Recovering his composure after being dowsed in glitter by a protestor, the Labour hopeful promised huge investment in housing, business infrastructure and the NHS.

He declared Labour's ambition to build 1.5 million new homes which are intended to bolster Britain's floundering economic growth.

Detailing his vision for the country, Sir Keir announced his intention to release excess green belt land and make wholesale changes to Britain's "restrictive" planning system.

He also swore to give greater powers to towns and cities across England, akin to those devolved to London, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands. 

Sir Keir said: "If we want to challenge the hoarding of potential in our economy then we must win the war against the hoarders in Westminster.

"Giving power back and put communities in control."

In his speech, the Labour leader castigated his Tory rival Rishi Sunak for his failure to reverse the greatest squeeze on living standards since the Second World War.

He said: "We have to fight the Tory project to kick the hope out of this country.

"We have to be a government that takes care of the big decisions so working people have the freedom to enjoy what they love."

Sir Keir repeatedly stressed how the party has shifted since Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, saying Labour is no longer “in thrall to gesture politics”.

Setting his sights on a "decade of national renewal", he made the additional pledge to create new technical colleges.

These colleges would offer training in highly specialised industries such as nuclear science, automotive engineering and computer science.

Sir Keir Starmer joined by his wife Victoria after delivering keynote speech to the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

On the NHS, the Labour leader said the party would transform the institution - looking to boost both capacity and efficiency.

Sir Keir argued that new technologies and earlier diagnoses would help drive this change.

“The Conservative Party that brought our NHS to its knees will put it in the ground,” he warned.

“We have got to get it back on its feet.”

He concluded his address in promising to create a Britain "built to last."

Sir Keir said: "Labour will create a Britain built to last.

"Where working people are respected, crime is prosecuted, ambulances come, the minimum wage is enforced, infrastructure gets built, children feel safe in their classroom, business and workers unite in partnership."