VIDEO: Israeli Navy eliminate Hamas attackers trying to enter coastal city from the sea during surprise assault

Tuesday 17 October 2023

    Footage has been released of the Israeli navy eliminating Hamas attackers attempting to storm the country from the sea during the surprise assault on October 7.

    The video, filmed from the first-person angle, shows troops part of the Navy's Snapir unit onboard a small, mobile boat firing at targets in the water.

    According to the Times of Israel, the Hamas speedboats were sunk by Dvora-class patrol boats first and then smaller defensive Israeli boats were sent in.

    The footage is reportedly from the seas surrounding the coastal city of Ashkelon, home to around 133,000 people.

    During the video a soldier is seen alternating between weaponry, using is rifle, various grenades and a light machine gun attached to the front of the boat to shoot figures in the water.

    A boat can be seen on fire in the background as the Israeli Naval vessel circles the swimming people and blasts them with ammunition.

    This comes after a thermal camera clip showed Israeli Navy firing explosive rounds at small boats attempting to cross the border.

    The video shows multiple blasts on the craft as the vehicles are destroyed, with the Israeli Defence Force’s (IDF) press office saying the two crafts were carrying “dozens of terrorists trying to infiltrate Israel”.

    In a statement the Israeli Navy said: "The fighters of the sea arm eliminated dozens of terrorists in the southern maritime space and on the coastline.

    In the early hours of the morning, the sea arm's fighters conducted a naval pursuit and eliminated dozens of terrorists who tried to reach Israeli territory.

    The fighters opened fire at them and destroyed two rubber boats, two other vessels and an agricultural tool."

    Israel has vowed to annihilate Hamas - which controls the Gaza Strip - after its fighters stormed Israeli towns eight days ago, killing 1,300 people and seizing hostages in the worst attack on civilians in the country's history.

    It has put Gaza, home to 2.3 million Palestinians, under a total blockade and pounded it with unprecedented air strikes, and is widely expected to launch a ground assault. Gaza authorities say at least 2,800 people have been killed there, around a quarter of them children.

    International diplomacy has been focused on the humanitarian toll and preventing a spill over of the conflict - particularly into Lebanon where Iran-backed Hezbollah militants have been exchanging fire with Israel across the border for days.

    In the biggest sign yet that the war could spread to a new front, Israel ordered the evacuation on Monday of 28 villages in a 2 km-deep (1.2 mile) zone near the Lebanese border.