Crimestoppers offers £5,000 reward to convict hit-and-run driver of silver BMW who collided with mother and baby in Hounslow

Tuesday October 17 2023

The charity Crimestoppers is offering a five thousand pound reward for information that leads to the conviction of a BMW driver who hit a mother and child.

The hit and run occurred in Hounslow around midday on February 3, and the driver of the silver BMW fled the scene.

The car collided with 37-year-old Rajdeep Kaur who was pushing a pram containing her 13-month-old daughter.

The BMW had overtaken the line of traffic in the wrong direction and struck Ms Kuar but narrowly missed the pram.

Ms Kuar survived but suffered serious leg and pelvis injuries, causing her to now have extremely limited mobility and leaving her unable to care for her daughter.

No driver has come forward after the car fled the scene, so Crimestoppers has offered the reward to any of the general public who has information that could lead to prosecution.

<strong>The BMW that fled the scene after striking Ms Kuar (Image credit Met Police) </strong>

Detective Constable Davina Nash said: “This is a very distressing case. Mrs Kaur thankfully survived but has sustained injuries that will change her life forever. It was only fortunate that her 13 month daughter was not hurt too.

“Crimestoppers – who are independent of the police - are now offering a reward for information and we are hopeful this will encourage someone to come forward.

"We believe the driver of the BMW is local to the Hounslow area and so someone will know who he or she is. If you have information about the driver or anything else that could secure justice for the victim, the charity Crimestoppers guarantee you will stay completely anonymous. They are available on the phone or via their website 24/7, 365 days a year.”

According to road safety charity Brake, five people die and 84 are seriously injured every day on the road in the UK.

<strong>Ms Kuar in hospital after the traffic collision (Image credit Met Police)</strong>

Alexa Loukas, London Regional Manager at charity Crimestoppers, said: “Our thoughts are very much with Mrs Kaur, a mother whose life will never be the same again due to her injuries.

“You may have heard something about the vehicle or driver involved but for whatever reason you haven’t yet shared what you know. We’re appealing directly to members of the community across Hounslow.

"If you have any information about this tragedy you can speak up and tell our charity what you know. Lots of people mistakenly think we are part of the police. We are completely independent and will never judge or ask for any of your personal details.

“What you tell us could help find some kind of justice for Mrs Kaur and her family and help make our streets safer for everyone.”