Masked pro-Palestine activists arrested for ‘racially aggravated hate crime after defence company's London office doused in red paint

Police have arrested two Pro-Palestine activists after a defence company in London was targeted with red paint.

Messages about the Israel-Hamas conflict, including "Free Gaza" were daubed on the UK headquarters of Italian firm Leonardo S.p.a.

The weapons firm describes itself as a global industrial group that builds technological capabilities in Aerospace, Defence & Security.

Activists from 'Action Palestine' claim Leonardo S.p.a are supplying Israel with F-35 fighter jets which are currently being used in the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Footage released by Palestine Action shows the building doused in paint and a man on the front canopy holding a flare while another paints the front entrance of the office on Piccadilly's Eagle Place.

Messages of support for Gaza are written on the front of the building while the pair shout: "Free, free Palestine! Shut them down! Stop their arms ring, our government is complicit in genocide!"

The group also released photographs of a similar protest at the Foreign Office which it said in a statement was over the supply of weapons to Israel.

Police arrest Pro-Palestinian demonstrators after Leonardo's UK office defaced over its supply of weaponry for Israel (Getty)

The group said online it's efforts to deface the Leonardo London headquarters was part of a strategy to raise awareness of the 106th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

'Action Palestine's' website says "the Declaration signed away the land of Palestine to the Zionist colonial project – a land Britain never had the right to give away" and saw the displacement if millions of Palestinians."

The protesters say the conflict in Gaza would not be happening if not for the Balfour declaration and Britain’s ongoing political and military support for the Zionist project. 

Activist from Palestine Action at Leonardo's London office (Getty Images)

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: "Two men have been arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated criminal damage, which we are investigating as hate crime.

"Messages about the conflict between Israel and Hamas have been painted onto the building in red paint, which has also been thrown at it.

"We have no tolerance for graffiti with a hate connotation in London. One of the men who climbed onto the canopy above the building was safely removed by officers. Both men are in police custody."