VIDEO: Florida deputy dispatched to family home to deliver emergency hug to little boy who called 911

A US police deputy received a pleasant surprise after being dispatched to a Florida family's home to deliver a little boy an emergency hug.

Heartwarming body camera and home CCTV footage has captured the moment a sheriff’s deputy arrives at a home in Hillsborough County, Florida following a 911 call to find a young boy simply wanted to give him a hug.

The deputy named as Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputy Pracht, calls to the door of the house where a woman greets him to find out her son had dialled 911.

The surprised woman, named as Dayana Del Valle, speaks to the deputy, who tells her he’s responding to the 911 call.

The woman immediately calls her son to the front door, asking him what happened,

"Did you call this gentleman? Did you call the police?" she asks.

To which the little boy simply responds, “Well I wanted to give him a hug!”

Deputy Pracht delivers the little boy an emergency hug before explaining to him that he should only call 911 if he or someone close to him was in trouble or needed help.

"Only in emergencies. And if you're hurt, or someone else is hurt, and your mum needs help. If someone's doing something they're not supposed to do, you give us a call, OK?"

The little boy responds with "Okay" before fist bumping the deputy.

As the Deputy Pracht departs the house, he can be heard responding to his precinct on his radio,

"It's 10-4, kid got on the phone playing, just wanted a hug."