'Why don’t you shout ‘I hate Jewish people’ and save time?' Julia Hartley-Brewer's furious with former Labour MP over Gaza

Wednesday 8 November 2023

TalkTV's Julia Hartley-Brewer has clashed with former Labour MP Chris Williamson over the Israel-Hamas war.

It comes after Sir Kier Starmer comes under fresh pressure for his stance on the conflict after a shadow minister became the first frontbencher to quit in protest at his leader’s refusal to back a ceasefire.

Imran Hussain, MP for Bradford East, said he was quitting his role as shadow minister to be able to “strongly advocate” for a ceasefire. Mr Williamson said the Labour leader's position was "absolutely appalling".

Mr Williamson stated: "Sir Keir has got this completely wrong. He said he is a Zionist without qualification. Clearly that means supporting a mediaeval siege.

"The stance of the Labour Party has been absolutely appalling - we're seeing a genocide taking place before our very eyes.

"No meaningful protests are coming forward from the official opposition in this country. This is a party that's traditionally had a very strong pro peace element within it."

Julia countered with her belief that the total destruction of Hamas would serve to promote peace in the region.

She said: "The only reason why Israel is bombing Gaza right now is because Hamas organised and sent thousands of terrorists to brutally torture, rape and murder Israeli civilians."

Mr Williamson countered: "I'm sorry this is just Zionist propaganda that the mainstream media is regurgitating while a genocide is happening before our very eyes."

Julia said: "I'm a big fan of Israel's right to exist and of Jewish peoples right to exist. The trouble is, I don't think you are. That's my issue. I don't know how you can look at yourself in the mirror every day."

Mr Williamson responded: "How you can defend a regime which is behaving worse than Nazis?"

Julia responded: "Why don’t you just come on this show and shout ‘I hate Jewish people’ and save everyone time?”

In the Commons, Foreign Office minister Andrew Mitchell said it is “perfectly clear” that Hamas has “no intention” of engaging in a ceasefire.

Conservative former cabinet minister David Davis later said: “Those who call for a ceasefire must recognise that Hamas is a terrorist organisation and, as was said by (DUP MP Sammy Wilson) yesterday, terrorist organisations only go to ceasefires when they suit their own regrouping – not to end violence.”

Labour MP Naz Shah spoke of the plight of children in Gaza, and said: “When will the UK ramp up its effort to end the bloodshed and ensure Palestinian children just have the right to live?”

Mr Mitchell responded: “She speaks for the whole House in saying that what is happening to children in Gaza appals us all.

“I just ask her to consider the wider context and accept that the Government understands and agrees with her analysis of the plight of children in Gaza and will do everything within the wider context to try and bring that to an end.”

Shadow Foreign Office minister Lisa Nandy added: “The average age in Gaza is just 18. Make no mistake, this is a children’s war.

"More children have died in Gaza in four weeks than in all of the world’s conflicts in each of the last three years."