Ava-Santina Evans warns that fears of violence on Armistice Day are being 'hyped-up' by Suella Braverman

Wednesday 11 November 2023

Journalist Ava-Santina Evans has warned that fears of violence between pro-Palestinian protestors and counter protesters on Armistice Day is being "hyped-up" by the Home Secretary.

Speaking to TalkTV's Ian Collins, she said: "Suella Braverman has dragged this debate into the gutter. As overseer of the Metropolitan Police she's meant to instil calm amongst the public.

"She has used the last week to ramp-up tensions and now there are two groups premeditating a fight with each other. Remembrance Sunday and the pro Palestinian march were never going to come into contact with each other.

"The pro-Palestine people weren't going anywhere near Whitehall. There's talk of them vandalising the Cenotaph and interrupting the two minutes silence but none of this was said by of the organisers."

Ian argued: "There has been many abuses of Muslims across the world in the last few years, in Yemen and in China, for example. Where were the protests then? How big were those demonstrations?"

Ms Evans retorted: "I will not have this! There were protests. I specifically remember a lot of people turning up on the streets and revolting against the bombing in Syria."

Pro-Palestine protestors hold a sit-in at Charing Cross Station

Ian argued: "We've seen violence already in Rochdale. So it can happen. There are groups that legitimately look at these protests and question how is this happening in a Western country.

"People walking around with masks on their faces, holding anti-Israel, anti-Jewish banners. Sometimes ISIS flags. This is the United Kingdom. We're not a mediaeval death cult.

"You have got these horrendous areas of the Middle East that are living in 1582 - they have values about women, about homosexuality - that we discarded half a millennium ago."

Ms Evans added that pro-Palestine protests are not necessarily antisemitic: "If you shout 'From the river to the sea' in Golders Green, that would be an aggressive, intimidatory act.

"If you're are a pro-Palestine march and with the intention of speaking-up for the people dying in the region - that's entirely different."

Organisers of Saturday’s demonstration have so far defied calls from police not to go ahead, amid anger among senior ministers, Conservative MPs over the decision to hold the event ahead of Remembrance Sunday.