Britain will need 'fifteen new cities the size of Birmingham' to cope with population of 87 million if mass migration trends continue

Friday 10 November 2023

Britain would need fifteen new cities the size of Birmingham by 2046 to cope with current levels of immigration, according to a study.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that net migration to the UK was 606,000 in 2022, up from 219,000 in 2019 before the pandemic.

Migration Watch UK predicts that if trends continue, the population would increase by 15 million to between 83 and 87 million placing an "intolerable strain" on public services.

Some 675 new schools, 2,640 GP surgeries, 135 hospitals, 75 universities, 75 police stations, and 165 further education colleges would be required to maintain current living standards, it says.

To ease traffic congestion 7,785 new roads and 2,235 bus lanes would be required.

The study predicts thousands of additional infrastructure units would be required if current levels of immigration continue

A spokesperson for Migration Watch said that while more immigration means more taxpayers and a larger talent pool, those gains must be weighed against the costs of "low skilled" labour entering the country.

"We are told we need immigration to grow the economy yet most serious academic attempts to identify such benefits have found that, at best, they are marginal.

"A larger population will certainly make the economy bigger, but it will not raise living standards unless it makes GDP grow more rapidly than the population. There is no evidence that countries with faster population growth have achieved faster income or productivity growth."

Migration Watch chairman Alp Mehmet said: "Unless we cut immigration substantially, the infrastructure that supports our public services, already stretched to its limits, will simply be unable to cope.

"We need a wider and franker debate and not just about the number of immigrants."

But immigration lawyer Ivon Sampson said migrants contribute to the economy and should not be "demonised".

Speaking to TalkTV's Mike Graham, he said: "We have an ageing population. By 2043 we're going to have twice as many people over the age of 85.

"Those immigrants that live here end up settling, becoming British and contributing to the economy. They increase the working population that helps pay for our elderly.

"So instead of demonising migrants we should be thanking them because they're contributing to our economy."