VIDEO: Julia Hartley-Brewer clashes with Byline TV's Caolan Robertson after claims there was two-tier policing of Armistice Day protests

Tuesday 14 November 2023

TalkTV's Julia Hartley-Brewer has clashed with Byline TV's Caolan Robertson over the policing of protesters on Armistice Day.

It comes after Suella Braverman accused police of an operational bias in the way they handle pro-Palestinian marchers compared to protests by other groups.

The former Home Secretary condemned “sick, inflammatory and, in some cases, clearly criminal” chants and placards at the rally as police charged seven people with public order offences.

She demanded “further action” as she warned that London’s streets are “being polluted by hate, violence and antisemitism”, in comments that appear unlikely to calm tensions.

The same day, counter protesters rallied by Tommy Robinson gathered with the aim of 'protecting' the Cenotaph.

Julia said: "I'm very happy for people to do marches I disagree with but people in this country are scared because of what some of these people on these marches are doing.

"Some of the organisers are ex-Hamas for God's sake! They're from a proscribed terrorist organisation; that's a clue about what their aims are.

"The police have a duty to act and to say that this is all rhetoric and stirring up is nonsense."

Mr Robertson said tensions had been inflamed by the Home Secretary rather than Tommy Robinson.

"Everything you said is correct up until the last point, which is that the police need to take action. But you're supporting Suella Braverman who has undermined the police.

"Those people (counter-protesters) were pre-emptively arrested because they started the violence at 10am before anyone else had arrived.

"There's a parallel system where police are trying to do their job and the Home Secretary tried to undermine them."

Rishi Sunak could give police greater powers to tackle protests following the Armistice Day clashes after which Suella Braverman was sacked in a Cabinet reshuffle.

Weeks of pro-Palestinian protests in cities across the country, plus the ugly scenes as a far-right counter-demonstration attempted to reach the Cenotaph on Saturday, appear to have convinced ministers of the need to act.

Mr Sunak will urge the Met to immediately arrest protesters seen using antisemitic slogans, after images appeared of marchers wearing Hamas-style headbands and holding signs with the slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”.