Football Association under pressure after Lawn Tennis Association sacks diversity officer who said 'Hitler would be proud of Netanyahu'

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has removed a diversity officer who said Adolf Hitler have approved the actions of Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Wasim Haq posted the message on X in response to the Middle East conflict and Israel's bombardment of Gaza.

"Netanyahu has sacrificed his own people to maintain power... whilst Palestinians are trying to maintain their sanity. Adolf Hitler would be proud of Netanyahu," he wrote, provoking a furious backlash.

In a statement the LTA said: “The LTA board considered this matter today and agreed that the tweet posted by Wasim Haq on 11 November was unacceptable and in no way reflects the LTA’s position or values.

“Therefore the board has agreed that Wasim Haq will be removed from his role as an independent councillor with immediate effect.”

Mr Haq deleted the post and published an apology: "My tweet was directly in relation to comparing two individuals who in my eyes have caused contemporary and historical irreparable harm to victimised communities on both sides of this tragic conflict.

"I am not and never have been the kind of person that targets anyone or any community over any difference ever.

"I am NOT antisemitic and have never been accused of being so. I unreservedly apologise if this was taken in any other way."

Wasim Haq was appointed by the FA as a diversity officer

Mr Haq was appointed to the LTA council to represent diverse communities and inclusion.

Mr Haq's post is also being investigated by the Football Association, who he joined in 2019 as one of its BAME (Black, Asian and Middle Eastern) Football Communities Representative.

He is also reportedly on the board at England Golf where he carries out a similar role.