What would happen if Hamas attacked London on Christmas Day? Israel creates video showing an Islamist terrorist attack on the UK

Israel has produced a film recreating a Hamas-style attack in London on Christmas Day.

The video released by the Israeli embassy in London is intended to act as a warning that western countries are not immune from an Islamist attack.

"It's a haunting reminder: it could happen to anyone, anywhere," a spokesperson said in a post on social media.

The film begins with a woman waking up in London on Christmas morning to the sound of gunshots and panicked text messages from family members.

She attempts to hide in the basement of her home with her children and partner. After panicked calls to the police fail, the woman is dragged from her home and abducted by a masked motorcycle gang.

The film ends with the question: "What if it were you? Imagine this was your reality, on any given day, with your loved ones murdered and abducted.

"What would you do? What actions would you take? It's a haunting reminder: it could happen to anyone, anywhere."

Footage released to social media showed Doron Asher and her children, Raz and Aviv, taken to Gaza in the early hours of the morning on motorcycles driven by Hamas militants.

About 240 hostages were taken during Hamas's deadly cross-border rampage, which prompted the nation to invade Palestinian territory to wipe out the Islamist group.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry estimates 1,200 of its citizens died as a result of the attacks.