Do you recognise these men? Police release images of pro-Palestine protesters involved in convoy that blocked major roads in central London

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Police need your help finding these pro-Palestine protesters involved in a convoy that blocked major roads heading into central London.

The convoy of up to eighty cars stopped traffic on the A13 and the Limehouse Link Tunnel on Saturday night.

By stopping the vehicles intentionally on busy roads police say the protesters caused significant delays and were a danger to road users.

Police units and a helicopter were dispatched to break up the convoy that reportedly started from a car park in Hancock Road, Tower Hamlets.

All eighty cars involved were given notices by police to disperse and cease participation in the protests with one was seized after failing to do so.

Fixed penalty notices were issued to 18 of the drivers while a further nine were served with prohibition notices after their vehicles were deemed unfit for use.

Police used social media to gather images of some of those involved in the protest, and have appealed to the public for any information that helps identify certain individuals.

Commander Karen Findlay, who led this weekend’s policing operation, said: “On some previous occasions, convoys of cars have passed through Jewish communities with occupants waving flags and shouting anti-Semitic abuse. They understandably caused significant concern, fear and upset.

“As soon as the convoy was spotted, a plan was put in place quickly to ensure the convoy would not reach areas where its presence would inevitably cause alarm and intimidation.

“The public have been a great help in recent weeks when similar appeals have been made and I have no doubt they’ll continue to do the same.”

This comes after police are also searching for around twenty men in connection to violent conduct during the counter-protests on Armistice Day.

The government is looking to strengthen police powers to deal with protesters, following the demonstrations in London.

Rishi Sunak is thought to be considering changes, such as lowering the threshold for when police could apply for a ban.