'The government just pays lip service to the issue' Julia reacts to news that net migration is to hit record 700,000

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Julia Harley-Brewer has claimed that the "majority of people who come to Britain are going to be a net drain" after reports net migration could rise to a record 700,000.

The forecast is based on official Home Office data and is believed to be partly due to an increase in foreign nationals extending their work visas.

According to the data, expected to be confirmed by the government later this week, there were an additional 105,000 visa extensions for work, study or family reasons in the first six months of this year.

That figure constitutes a rise of nearly 49% from the same period in 2022.

Migrants try to board a truck at Ouistreham ferry port in the hope of reaching the UK.

Migrants being brought into the port of Dover.

A protester holds a 'Waive UK Visas' placard in support of refugees during the Ukrainian refugees.

Julia said: "We were told that these were exceptional years with Covid, Ukraine and Hong Kong. We were told that it wasn't going to happen every year - so why is it still going up?

"The government makes promises but never seems to deal with the issue. They just pay lip service to migration - do the government realise from their lovely leafy streets that they are not going to be competing with these people?

"Why have we got all these people not working? When there's a million job vacancies lying way open?"

Gavin Rice, former special adviser to the Conservative Party, blamed the increase on government failure to implement a points-based immigration system.

"We were promised an Australian style points based immigration system that would be rigorous, that would prioritise high skilled workers and in which overall numbers would come down," he said.

"Clearly the points based system that was implemented under the Boris Johnson government has ended up being far more liberal and far more flexible than anything ironically that we had before."

Julia complained: "It just seems that we are constantly fixing the last problem that the government has created.

"Britain's addiction to mass migration is becoming dangerous.."