Tragedy of two-year-old Bronson Battersby who starved to death in his pyjamas curled up next to his father who died from a heart attack

A two-year-old boy starved to death curled up next to his father who had died of a suspected heart attack.

Bronson Battersby and his father Kenneth were found at home in Skegness by frantic social services, 14 days after his mother reportedly stormed out on Boxing Day after an argument.

Preliminary tests found Bronson died of dehydration and starvation after being left in the dark without food or water. He was found still wearing his Pudsey Bear pyjamas.

Bronson was already under the care of children's services and social workers visited the rented property on 2nd and 4th of January, but received no response, according to Lincolnshire County Council.

The Council contacted police but it was five days before their bodies were found after a social worker obtained a key from the landlord and gained entry, finding the bodies.

Bronson was found curled up with his deceased father in his Pudsey Bear pyjamas

Preliminary tests found Bronson died of dehydration and starvation

Their pet dog Skylar was found alive but severely emaciated.Bronson was last seen alive when he waved at a neighbour who visited him and his dad on Boxing Day.

Then on 27 December, his father messaged a neighbour to thank them for the care they had shown him and his son, and the same day his social worker had texted to arrange a routine visit.

Yesterday, the County Council confirmed it had launched a rapid review into events prior to Bronson’s death.

Bronson's mother Sarah Piesse said social services missed chances to save her son.

“If social services had done their job Bronson would still be alive," she said. "But they didn’t do anything. I can’t believe it. They can’t let them get away with this.

Mr Battersby, aged 60, died of a heart attack in his home in Skegness

Bronson’s mother Sarah Piesse last saw her son before Christmas

Bronson's father lived on Prince Alfred Avenue

"We have to be able to rely on social workers to keep our children safe."

Ms Piesse said she had been unable to hold Bronson when identifying him as his body was too "fragile".

A family friend, who had Bronson’s teddy and woollen gloves on her mantelpiece, said: “It breaks my heart. Bronson deserved so, so much better. He was such a loving, adorable little boy.

“He was just gorgeous. He was always smiling and so loving. He always wanted a cuddle. He was like any toddler. He loved anything that made a noise.”

“Social services have let that boy down. He might still be alive now if they had done their jobs properly. When does a social worker just accept no answer on the door of a vulnerable child? It’s a disgrace."

TalkTV's Julia Hartley-Brewer said: "It's just a horrible story of total negligence. Why did the neighbours not notice? Why did the social workers not insist on going in that day?

"This little boy could have been found alive."