VIDEO: Dramatic rescue of four-year-old from crashed car hanging precariously over wall

Friday 18 January 2024

Police pulled a four-year-old girl from a car hanging precariously over a retaining wall in Colorado after it crashed through a wire fence.

Video released by the Boulder Police Department, shows officers rushing to the vehicle stuck where they discovered the child sitting on the back seat.

A statement released by Boulder Fire-Rescue said: "A rescue crew from station 7 was called to the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

"Boulder Police was first to respond and did a great job removing the child passenger from the vehicle. Upon arrival, the crew found the vehicle unstably positioned along a retaining wall with the adult driver still inside.

The vehicle crashed through a wire fence, with its two front wheels precariously hanging over a wall.

"We were able to stabilise the vehicle in the front so that the driver could safely exit. Luckily, both passengers were unharmed. Incidents like this involve many moving pieces (sometimes literally) and vehicle extrication is a skill that BFR firefighters routinely practice and use."

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The driver was charged with reckless endangerment and child abuse due to the incident, but police are investigating the possibility he suffered a physical event while he was driving.

A police spokesman said: “Thankfully, with the assistance of Boulder Fire-Rescue, officers were able to get both the child and driver safely out of the car.

"As in every criminal case, these charges are an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty."