VIDEO: Woman desperately clings to speeding car bonnet after thieves stole her dog

Monday 29 January 2024

A woman clung desperately to the bonnet of a speeding car after thieves stole her dog.

Ali Zacharias was having lunch in Los Angeles when a stranger called to her black and grey French Bulldog Onyx and took his lead.

The man got into a car containing three other people and Ms Zacharias stepped in front and was pushed onto the bonnet when it drove off.

"It's hard to have them ripped away from you. I wasn't willing to just let him go," she said.

"My last resort was to stand in front of the car and tell them not to go, and they drove right into me. It pushed me onto the hood, and I just wasn't going to leave the car at that point. I held on and they took off.

Appealing for the thieves to return Onyx, she said: "Please, just sell him back to us at this point. We don't care about anything except getting him back.

So we're not looking to press charges, all we're looking to do is recover our baby."

Ms Zacharias has offered a reward for Onyx’s return.

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