Rishi Sunak contacted Piers Morgan's mother after Piers told him she had been left on an A&E trolley for seven hours after a heart attack

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Rishi Sunak contacted TalkTV's Piers Morgan’s 79-year-old mother after Piers revealed her lengthy wait in A&E in their exclusive interview.

The broadcaster used an interview with the Prime Minister to challenge him on the state of the NHS, telling Mr Sunak the experience his own mother had three months ago after having a heart attack.

Morgan told the Prime Minister that, despite being driven to the hospital in an ambulance, she waited on a trolley in an A&E corridor for nearly seven hours to be seen, in a scene she compared to a “war zone”.

The Prime Minister said the account was “shocking” and that performance in A&E and with ambulance waiting times was “not good enough”.

But he denied that the Tories had failed the NHS since 2010, citing the backlog created by the coronavirus pandemic.

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“We can’t escape that,” he added.

In his latest TalkTV show, Morgan revealed that the Prime Minister contacted his mother following the interview.

He said he was not originally going to say it, but wanted to challenge criticism from journalist Isabel Oakeshott about the Prime Minister’s reaction to the story.

“I will just to be balanced about it because the idea he doesn’t care, for example, about my mother and what happened to her and whatever facial reaction he showed at the time, I can tell you he sent her a big bunch of flowers yesterday and he followed it up and called her.

“He called her for 10 minutes and had a really lovely chat with her.

“My mother was very touched by both the flowers and the phone call and greatly appreciated what he said to her.”