Suella Braverman: 'Stop making white people feel guilty about being white'

Tuesday 13 February 2024

White people should not be made to feel guilty about their background, Suella Braverman has said, after a wildlife charity suggested Britain's countryside is a "racist, colonial, white space'.

The former home secretary said it was wrong to state rural areas were a “predominantly white environment” unwelcoming to ethnic minorities.

It comes after Wildlife and Countryside Link, a coalition of 80 environmental organisations, produced a report claiming that people from ethnic minorities in the UK "are more affected by the climate and nature crises than White British people."

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Ms Braverman wrote: “Just because there are more white people than non-white people somewhere does not make it racist.

"The UK is a majority white country, so of course there will be many areas where there is very little, and sometimes no, ethnic minority participation. I do not see a problem.

“Ethnic minority people tend to live in urban areas. Does that make Wembley, where I come from and which is now a majority non-white area, racist because there are fewer white people who live there? Of course not.”

Ms Braverman, who is of Indian heritage, said that in 30 years of countryside holidays, said her and her family of Indian heritage had not once experienced hostility.

“To claim that the countryside is racist is one of the most ridiculous examples of left-wing identity politics," she added.

“It’s a symptom of a deeper problem within our society: the urge to constantly view everything through the lens of race or gender, plead victimhood and point the finger at an oppressor.

"We need to stop making white people feel guilty for being white.”

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A study commissioned by the Ramblers Association in 2023 claimed the 'whitest' parts of England and Wales have 144% more local footpaths than the most ethnically diverse areas.

The report produced by think tank the New Economics Foundation said: "The old, wealthy, healthy, and the white have the greatest provision of paths in England and Wales.

"Residents of the most affluent areas of England and Wales enjoying 80% more paths in their local area than the most deprived."