Left-wing anarchist guilty of preparing acts of terrorism after saying he wanted to kill MPs

Friday 23 February 2024

A 20-year-old left-wing anarchist has been found guilty of preparing acts of terrorism by creating and sharing a bomb-making manual and expressing intent to harm at least 50 politicians.

Jacob Graham, from Norris Green, Liverpool dedicated his manual the Freedom Encyclopaedia to "terrorists past and future, anarchists," and concealed bomb-making chemicals in a secluded woodland hideout.

He wrote a “how to” guide on weapons and explosives, titled the Freedom Encyclopaedia, which was dedicated to “misfits” and “social nobodies”.

He also produced 138 videos demonstrating explosives, discussing concepts like "Judgement Day," and advocating for the rights of working-class people.

Graham, who blamed the Government for his “unsatisfactory life”, said he spent part of each day online in his bedroom at his mother’s house in Liverpool, speaking in group chats to like-minded people.

Using the name Destro or Destro the Destroyer, he used social media to send manuals and electronic books, giving instructions on weapons, explosives and poisons.

He had told the jury he had never met any of the people he was giving advice or information to online, but this activity boosted his confidence.

Frida Hussain, defending, had asked him: “Were you always speaking the truth to them?”

“Not always, no,” said Graham.

He told the court it was “lying, fantasy” and he was playing the character Destro.

Police found an “online arsenal” of information on his computer devices, including on the manufacture of deadly weapons and explosives using materials or ingredients that could be acquired relatively easily.

He kept an uncle’s Second World War gas mask and other equipment in his bedroom in preparation for “Doomsday”, and also part of a costume of The Punisher, a Marvel comic character.

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