VIDEO: Policewoman drags homeless man across the ground and treads on his stomach

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Footage of a policewoman dragging a rough sleeper along the ground before treading on his stomach has been described as "appalling and dehumanising".

The man, a refugee from Sudan was sleeping on a street in Manchester with other homeless refugees when the incident occurred last September.

He said they were usually woken each morning by council officials but on this day "we told them we had nowhere to go and that it was very cold".

In an interview with the BBC, the 31-year-old said: "I was telling her I need to sleep. But she stamped on my stomach with her foot.

"It caused me problems - I had a fever and in the following hours I had blood in my urine."

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Greater Manchester Police said the officer behaved in an "unacceptable manner", and that the behaviour "must not be repeated".

Matt Downie, chief executive Crisis, said the officer's actions were awful, adding: "It's appalling to see such dehumanising treatment of people rough sleeping.

"If the police behave in this way, how do we expect the public to improve the way they treat rough sleepers?

"We know there's a problem here, we know that people are regularly abused and that some awful things happen to people on the streets."

The deputy mayor of Greater Manchester, Kate Green, said: "We would expect anyone in a position of vulnerability to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve and the behaviour shown here runs completely counter to those expectations.

"Behaviour like this is plainly unacceptable and must not be allowed to happen again."