TV presenter Dan Wootton has left GB News to launch his own independent platform

Tuesday 5 March 2024

TV presenter Dan Wootton has left GB News to launch his own independent platform, he said in a statement.

In a statement posted to X, Mr Wotton said: "I have left GB News to launch my own independent platform, Dan Wootton Outspoken.

"This will feature a brand new daily news and opinion show from later this year that will NOT be regulated by the Ofcommunist censors."

The presenter said he was launching the platform in response to media watchdog Ofcom ruling that comments made by Laurence Fox on Mr Wootton's GB news show were "misogynistic".

TV presenter Dan Wootton has left GB News to launch his own independent platform.

The remarks made by actor-turned-politician Fox, in which he asked “who would want to shag that?”, about political correspondent Ava Santina-Evans Evans during an episode on September 26 received 8,867 complaints.

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Fox and presenter Wootton, who both later apologised, were suspended by the channel after the broadcast.

Mr Wootton said: "Yesterday’s chilling Ofcom report clearly raises far bigger issues.

"How can any British broadcaster truly stand for freedom of expression when state goons have the power to decide what you are and are not allowed to say on air?

"Unlike the freedoms enjoyed in the US thanks to the First Amendment, how can these media outlets ever be anything other than controlled opposition?

“As the epitome of the deep state Liz Truss spoke about last week, the Ofcommunists have once again shown themselves to be a muzzle that bows to the woke mob and only attacks those with whom it ideologically disagrees.

"Post Office investigators, HMRC, the Police: the country is full of organisations that have gone rogue and disobey the directives of ministers and the will of Parliament.

“It’s not broadcasters who should be fearful of a carpeting from Ofcom: it’s Ofcom that should be summoned in by this supposedly Conservative government to be reined in.”

In a note sent to staff by GB News on Tuesday, the broadcaster said: “Dan Wootton joined GB News before its launch and was a part of the first on-air line up.

“Dan is no longer employed by GB News, and we thank him for his contribution and wish him well with his future endeavours.”