'That isn't my house' Labour MP mocks Just Stop Oil activist Phoebe Plummer who breached bail in letter stunt

Thursday 28 March 2024

Labour MP Wes Streeting has embarrassed a prolific Just Stop Oil activist who boasted about delivering a protest letter to his house.

A video posted to social media shows Phoebe Plumber, 22, delivering a letter to she claimed was the Shadow Secretary's Ilford home.

But Mr Streeting replied within minutes with a mocking post revealing the mistake: “I don’t know which poor sod got your letter, but that isn’t my house. It isn't even my borough.

“If you want to write to me, you can do so quite easily via Parliament or my constituency office. Constituents can also visit my surgeries.”

Ms Plummer, who came to prominence for a climate protest in which she threw soup over Van Gough's Sunflower's masterpiece, claimed she had deliberately violated her bail conditions by visiting Streeting's home.

The Just Stop Oil post accompanying the video criticised police, claimed the force was "losing its touch" because there were no officers present to arrest her.

In the video, Plummer says: "This is the letter I'm delivering to Wes Streeting. It appears there's no police here this time. Maybe they've realised there's not much harm in just delivering a letter to your MP.

"It's what they've always asked us to do after all."

She then sarcastically asks: "Should I go hand myself in for breaking bail? I mean, that seemed pretty harmless, but it was worth arresting me for last time."