'I thought I was going to die' Cyclist stabbed in unprovoked attack in broad daylight feared for his life

A man who launched an unprovoked knife attack on a passing cyclist in broad daylight has been jailed.

Lewis Livingstone, 19, was standing at a bus stop on Fore Street in Enfield last July as his 28-year-old victim was riding home.

Livingstone leapt out at the man and kicked him to the ground in the middle of the road before unsheathing a large knife, chasing him away and mounting the man's bike.

The victim tackled Livingstone and as they tussled on the floor, Livingstone retrieved his knife stabbing the victim in the stomach in front of horrified shoppers.

The victim screamed for help and sustained further knife injuries to his hands as he desperately tried to defend himself.

Passersby bravely intervened and grappled with Livingstone, holding him down as police rushed to the scene.

When asked why he had done it, one witness said Livingstone simply responded: "Is he dead?"

The victim was given first aid at the scene before being taken to hospital, where his injuries were assessed as not life-threatening or life-changing.

Despite Livingstone's claim of self-defence, detectives easily disproved this by gathering a wealth of witness statements, CCTV footage, and forensic evidence.

In a victim impact statement, the victim said: "I believe this man was going to kill me, had the people not come to my rescue.

Lewis Livingstone was jailed for a total of eight years

"I am still not over the shock and fear. I spent the night in hospital having nightmares. I still have a lot of pain on my side and hands as a result of being stabbed. I am now in the queue waiting for surgery on my hands."

Investigating officer Detective Constable James Hunt said: "The victim continues to suffer with the physical and psychological impact of this incident. He was going about his day, having just bought some food, when he was thrust into a terrible ordeal.

"I know he is incredibly grateful to the people who came to his aid. Were it not for their bravery, this incident could potentially have been far worse.

"It's a good example of the community coming forward and working together with the police following a serious crime. Those valuable witnesses, combined with other investigative work, were key in helping us quickly charge and remand Livingstone."

Livingstone pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and possession of a knife and was jailed to six and a half years at Hendon Magistrates' Court.

As he was also subject to a suspended sentence for a previous offence, he will have to serve an additional 18 months, bringing the total sentence to eight years' in prison.