VIDEO: Why are Israeli soldiers filming themselves playing with Palestinian women's underwear?

Israeli soldiers are filming themselves playing with women's underwear found in Palestinian homes, causing outrage on social media.

In one clip, a soldier in an armchair holding a gun grins while dangling white satin knickers over his comrade's mouth who is lounging on a sofa.

Another shows a soldier sitting on a tank with a female mannequin dressed in a black bra and helmet, saying: "I found a beautiful wife, serious relationship in Gaza, great woman."

The two videos are among dozens of similar clips uncovered by Palestinian reporter Younis Tirawi who has posted them on social media.

In response, the Israeli Defence Forces said they investigate such incidents without specifying whether any of the soldiers in the videos posts had been disciplined.

A spokesperson said in a statement: "In cases where suspicion of a criminal offence arises that justifies opening an investigation, an investigation is opened by the Military Police.

"It should be clarified that in some of the examined cases, it is concluded that the expression or behaviour of the soldiers in the video is inappropriate, and it is handled accordingly."

Ravina Shamdasani, a human rights spokesperson for the United Nations, said the videos were demeaning to Palestinian women.

The videos come at a time when both Hamas and Israel face accusations of war crimes.

A UN report found reasonable grounds that Hamas militants committed acts of sexual violence during the October 7th attack, and that Israeli hostages in Gaza may have been subjected to sexual violence.

Israel is facing accusations of pushing Gaza towards famine.

Legal experts say the lingerie and mannequin posts potentially breach international law, violating the Fourth Geneva Convention's requirement to protect civilians against insults and public curiosity.