Julia Hartley-Brewer outraged after schoolboy kicks down door of unisex toilets

Julia Hartley-Brewer has slammed unisex toilets in schools after a 13-year-old girl was hospitalised when a boy kicked down her toilet door down to take photographs of her.

The girl at Caludon Castle School in Coventry was left with a gash on her forehead after the boy reportedly 'donkey-kicked' the door down.

The mother of the girl has called for the unisex loos to be scrapped after the incident which has left her daughter too embarrassed to return to school.

Julia said: "I don't like unisex loos, and I definitely don't want them in schools. They have only really come about because of trans-rights. Funnily enough, men and women don't like these toilets!

"The idea that 11-year-old girls want to be in the same toilets as 16-year-old boys - sorry, that's crazy! Who are the people who thought this was a good idea? And should any of those people be in charge of a school!?"

The mother of the girl has called for the unisex loos to be scrapped

Founder of Transgender Trend Stephanie Davies-Arai agreed: : "It's predictable girls will suffer if toilets are mixed-sex. The boy here behaved appallingly.

"We separate toilets by sex not on the basis of children's feelings, or gender, or gender identity, for very good reasons. It's for the safety of girls, because girls can be harassed in toilets and they need that private space.

"Safeguarding has been thrown out of the window. Toilets have always been based on sex because there are biological differences between boys and girls, but nobody is allowed to say that anymore.

"Schools have absolved themselves of the responsibility of safeguarding, to protect adult movements like gender identity. I think that's a complete dereliction of duty of safeguarding towards children, particularly girls."