Transgender student-athlete recorded injuring female basketball players during game suspended after 'leering at girls getting changed'

Wednesday 3 April 2024

A transgender student-athlete who was captured on video knocking down an opponent during a girls' basketball game was allegedly suspended from a rowing team for leering at a female student's breasts in the changing rooms.

According to the MailOnline, 6-foot tall student at KIPP Academy in Lynn, Massachusetts, inflicted injuries on three opposing players during the basketball match on February 8.

Footage of the incident garnered widespread attention online and sparked nationwide outrage.

Collegiate Charter School of Lowell opted to forfeit the game to avoid further potential harm to their players ahead of the playoffs.

The 6-foot tall student at KIPP Academy in Lynn, Massachusetts, inflicted injuries on three opposing players during a basketball match.

Footage of the incident garnered widespread attention online, sparking nationwide outrage in America.

According to a report from the Australian magazine Quillette, the same transgender student, aged 17 or 18, not only participated in girls' basketball but also in "rowing, volleyball, hurdles, shot put and tae kwon do."

Prior to the video of the basketball game drawing attention, the student, who sported a stubbled beard, was featured in a volleyball promotion for an All-Star game on November 9.

However, the student's involvement in rowing activities allegedly made teammates uncomfortable, leading to a suspension and eventual removal from the team.

A March 20 report to the Senate Health, Education, Labour, and Pensions Committee by Republican Senator Bill Cassidy claimed: "The male athlete was caught staring openly at one of the female athletes while she changed her clothes in the women's locker room and remarked, 'oooh t*tties!'

"When a female athlete nearby asked if it was the first time he had seen female breasts, the male responded, 'uhh yeah' with a laugh. The male athlete was suspended for this incident."

The report further alleged that the student "caused many issues for the female athletes" on the team, and they avoided using the locker room due to discomfort.

A letter to USRowing from 15 parents of the club's 40 female competitors claimed their daughters were "intimidated" into silence. "Our daughters have stayed quiet because they are afraid. We tried to speak up for them, and we were shut down," the letter read.

"The rowing team also required the male athlete to room with them on trips. The girls spoke to us about quitting rowing because of the intimidation of being forced to be in a hotel room alone with a male."

Despite the controversies, the transgender student excelled in various sports, being named a Commonwealth Atlantic Conference All-Star in volleyball and setting records in track and field events.