Another 1.6 million migrants expected to come to Britain over five years

Another 1.6 million migrants are set to come to Britain in the next five years, new figures reveal.

Total net migration is expected to rise from 205,000 a year to 245,000 a year, thanks to international students, worker visas and refugees from Ukraine and Hong Kong.

TalkTV's Kevin O’Sullivan said: “There are 70 million people in this country, we are creaking at the seams, our infrastructure is literally breaking.”

Last week the Home Office revealed its Illegal Migration Bill to tackle Channel migrants crossing in small boats.

But immigration barrister Steven Woolfe said the new figures suggest leading figures in the Conservative Party want to "substantially increase the population of Britain via mass immigration".

"I don't believe the country can take 1.6 million more people. If you look at the demographics of the UK, England, about 83% of the population of the UK, now has a density level of 407 people per square kilometre.

"Only the Netherlands beats us in Europe and we're somewhere in the region of 20 to 25 in the world in density of our country."

Pressed on the impracticality of the Migration Bill with no returns deal with Europe, Mr Woolfe said: "There is an inherent problem but where I've been reasonably positive about this bill Kevin is having spoken to those in the Home Office in greater detail about what's to come.

"The Migration Bill will allow the Government to remove migrants after 28 days but where are you going to house them? Where are we going to take them to?

"I think we will see over the next few weeks the Home Office fleshing out more deals with either other countries or perhaps British territories where these people can be taken to.

"Unless they have that in place then this proposal fails."