Piers Morgan speaks to 45-year-old entrepreneur who is 'reverse ageing'

A 45-year-old tech entrepreneur claims to have reversed the ageing process on his body by 20 years.

Bryan Johnson swallows 100 health pills a day, doesn't drink alcohol, practices strict veganism and takes blood tests and colonoscopies every month.

A billionaire in his 20s it appeared you were living the American Dream, yet at the same time he was depressed, overweight and feeling suicidal after going through a divorce.

Speaking to TalkTV's Piers Morgan, Mr Johnson said he experienced an epiphany when he was flying an aeroplane.

"One day I was in the airplane and I turned autopilot on. I was amazed how it kept the plane perfectly smooth, even in turbulent air.

"I wondered to myself, could I build an autopilot for me? And that's where it started."

Piers: "How do you feel right now, compared to what you felt like before?"

Bryan: "I don't think I could've articulated to myself then what it would feel like to be me now. The clarity of mind, the stability of emotions, the hope for life. I've never felt this good in my entire life."

Piers: "You're 45 years old now, but all the experts around you believe you have the heart of a 37 year old, the skin of a 28 year old, the lung capacity and fitness of an 18 year old, and the gum inflammation of a 17 year old. So clearly you are reversing the ageing process on specific parts of your body."

Describing his daily routine is, Bryan said: "My day consists of 100 activities we've designed throughout the past two years. Every activity I do is based on scientific evidence.

"The first thing I do in the morning is take my waking air temperature. I then weigh myself looking at fat, muscle, bodyweight, and hydration.

"I drink a concoction called the green giant, take 57 pills, work out for an hour, then have red-light therapy on my hair. I eat my breakfast which is a few pounds of vegetables, then I'm ready for my day."

Piers: "As a serious point, to commit yourself to this kind of level of extremity of health and fitness and diet, does it leave much room for fun? Can you have any kind of normal life?"

Bryan: "The funny thing Piers, is I'm actually happier and have more fun than I've ever had in my entire life."