Prince Andrew warned not to publish memoirs amid Harry’s 'plunging popularity'

Prince Harry's popularity has plummeted since the release of his biography, according to royal biographer Angela Levin.

Speaking to TalkTV's Kevin O’Sullivan, Ms Levin said Harry's ratings should act as a warning to Prince Andrew who is reportedly considering releasing his own memoir.

"What's he going to do - try and clear his relationship with Epstein?" Ms Levine asked.

"That's a nonsense because there are umpteen pictures where he's taken him (Epstein) to all sorts of parties and shooting afternoons with all the royals.

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"He told his mother the Queen that it (his television interview) 'was absolutely fantastic'. If that's his level of judgement, Goodness help us and him.

"He's banging on the door of his brother (Prince Harry), all the time, to get back into the royal family. It's a disaster all round."

"Prince Harry's popularity has gone down through the Earth," Ms Levin added.

"A lot of people couldn't care less about him and don't want to know anything more about him, whereas Harry has been a charismatic figure and the whole drama about him and Meghan is absolutely fascinating. It's the best serialisation you could have."

Ms Levin added that a Prince Andrew biography could further harm the royal family.

"I think it will damage them but, on the other hand, I don't know how many people will actually trust him and believe it. I know I wouldn't. I hope people won't take any notice of him.

"We've had enough moaning and groaning, we want to see William and Catherine, the Queen and King. Andrew's had his time. He's no longer relevant."

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