Julia Hartley-Brewer: Why I will not apologise for 'misgendering' Audrey Hale

Julia Hartley-Brewer said "we are in crazy territory" if people are concerned about misgendering the Nashville school shooter

TalkTV's Julia Hartley-Brewer explains why she will not apologise for 'misgendering' Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale.

"I apparently 'misgendered' Audrey Hale yesterday, but I'm not going to apologise. We were told there was a shooter at the school, so we all assumed it was a man, because 99.9% of the time it is a man.

"Then we were told it was a woman, so we referred to her as a woman. Then we discovered it was a woman who identified as trans, so people like me said: aha, so it's actually a biological man and therefore we'll say 'he' and 'him'.

"But no, it's a woman called Audrey Hale, born a woman, identifies as trans, and prefers the pronouns 'he' and 'his'. Then we had the New York Times, CNN, USA Today pointing out they 'misgendered' the shooter.

"Worrying about the feelings of a psychopath who has killed three children and three adults, rather than being concerned about the actual crime committed by that person - we are in crazy territory now aren't we?"

"People will say: Oh, what does it matter? But the identity of a shooter does matter!"

"BBC Yorkshire recently tweeted: Halifax woman jailed after stabbing and tying up victim. The picture of Zara Jade will tell you straight away Zara Jade is not a woman. The copy refers to a transwoman from Halifax - so the Halifax 'woman' is clearly a biological male.

"These are lies. In one hundred years they'll say: this is really strange that so many women suddenly started committing violent crimes around 2020."