The rise of the woke elites dominating Britain's media

Britain is being run by a new elite of radical, middle-class, woke liberals dominating the media and national conversation, according to a leading academic.

Speaking to TalkTV's Mike Graham, author Matthew Graham said: "I'm talking about the rise of a new governing class - not just in our politics, but in the creative industries, the cultural institutions, some parts of the media.

"I'm talking about professional, middle-class graduates in cities and university towns who hold an immense amount of cultural power who are in charge of determining what we can talk about, what we can't talk about, and how we think about other groups in society.

"When you look at the rise of Brexit and the rise of populism in British politics, there is a sense among millions of people that the elite has lost touch.

"This has a lot to do with this new, governing class that holds values a lot of other people don't hold. And it's not interested in giving people a serious voice in the national conversation.

"Twitter is dominated by Left progressives intolerant of people who hold different political beliefs to their own. I'm calling this group out in this book because I spend a lot of my life looking at the populist Right.

"We now have a very serious challenge from what you might call the woke progressive Left. This is a really big challenge.

"If you look at how they are trying to impose speech codes, how they're trying to restrict freedom of speech, how they think about issues like empire, gender and what we should teach children in school.

"They often hold values many other voters don't hold. But the crucial difference is they also wield considerable influence over schools, universities, the media, the creative industries, and the advertisements we see on TV."

Matthew Goodwin's book Values, Voice, And Virtue: The New British Politics is published by Penguin.