‘Welcome to Florida!’ Sheriff surprises suspect who asked 4Chan users to kill him

This is the moment a Florida sheriff confronted a man accused of urging people to murder him. 

Sheriff Mike Chitwood greeted Richard Golden when he arrived in the state to stand trial for making a written threat to kill or cause injury.

Golden was arrested after the alleged threat posted on website 4Chan was traced to his mother’s home in New Jersey by her IP address.

The 38-year-old is thought to have been critical of Sheriff Chitwood’s condemnation of anti-Semitism and wrote: “Just shoot Chitwood in the head and he stops being a problem. They have to find a new guy to be the problem.

“But shooting Chitwood in the head solves an immediate problem permanently. Just shoot Chitwood in the head and murder him.”

Footage released by Volusia County shows Sheriff Chitwood waiting to greet Golden face to face as lands in Florida.

“I’m Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood,” he said. “Hope you enjoy your stay. Welcome to Florida.”

Golden did not respond and was escorted out of the airport.

Sheriff Chitwood told journalists: “I wanted him to look me in the eye and say: you’re the guy, I want to put a bullet in your head. You’re the guy I want to shut up, because of what you’re doing standing up for the Jewish community.

“He didn’t say a word. That’s who we need to be afraid of. That’s what keyboard commandos are. They’re these warriors spending 20 hours a day on a keyboard in extremist chat rooms.

“They want to threaten to put bullets in people’s heads and they think they’re not going to be held accountable. Well, we’re going to hold you accountable.”

Asked about free speech, Chitwood responded: “Freedom of speech gives you a right to stand on a curb and scream anything you want.

“It’s not freedom of speech when you threaten to kill somebody. It’s not freedom of speech when you threaten to wipe out folks because of their religion or their ethnicity. It’s not free speech when you threaten to kill people.”