Elon Musk lashes out at the New York Times after removing its blue tick

The New York Times has lost its blue tick on Twitter following changes to the platform made by Elon Musk

Elon Musk has launched a scathing attack on the New York Times after it refused to pay for its Twitter account to be verified.

The newspaper, which has 55 million Twitter followers, lost its blue tick after Musk set a deadline of 1 April for verified organisations to keep their status by paying £800 per month.

As well as not paying the subscription fee, the New York Times said it would also not pay for the verification of its journalists' Twitter accounts, apart from in "rare instances where this status would be essential for reporting purposes", a spokesperson said.

Musk later tweeted: "The real tragedy of @NYTimes is that their propaganda isn't even interesting. Also, their feed is the Twitter equivalent of diarrhea. It's unreadable."

He also called the newspaper "hypocritical" for insisting on people to pay for their subscription while refusing to do the same for Twitter.

He wrote: "NY Times is being incredibly hypocritical here, as they are super aggressive about forcing people to pay *their* subscription."

This is not the first time Mr Musk has been critical of the newspaper. He tweeted in November: "It is tragic how far The New York Times has fallen – basically just boring af far left brainwashing at this point. The boring part is truly unforgivable!"

Under the new rules, organisations can apply for a gold verification tick while individuals must pay £11 for a blue tick. In return, verified accounts get access to new tools including the ability to write longer tweets, edit their posts, and higher weighting in the prioritisation algorithm.

Many news organisations including CNN, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post - companies which also said they will not pay for Twitter verification - now have gold ticks. The White House have also said publicly they will not pay to be verified.